From Aaron Lopez on Tx2k21

Mission accomplished finally breaking into the 7 sec zone at TX2K!!!
Worlds first 7sec AWD H22 with a 7.79@181!
This was definitely the longest, hardest and currently the most expensive time barrier to break into but so worth it! We had made multiple low 8sec passes in the past few months and in true drag racer fashion my best time slip math was saying the car had a 7.8x in it but we just couldn't put the whole package together.
This past weekend at TX2K was no different and definitely had highs and lows for sure. The first pass looked promising running a 8.12@182 with new some new changes to the suspension and motor! Next came a couple of failures... first broke 3rd gear in Q2 so we did a quick trans swap and we were ready to go again for Q3. Well Q3 didn't treat us any better when we had an engine failure at the starting line. Now it was time to make a decision knowing we were qualified on the top half of the ladder and in the show. I decided to have my 7yr old back up motor brought from the shop and change it over night. The motor was delivered about 12:15am and running at 4am Sunday morning with the help of Phillip Ellis, Jacob Davis, Brandon Hickson, Brian K. Spiker. Jason Herrea ( St00pid ) didnt get too crazy with the tune up and just wanted to make a solid pass against Myles Kerr first round. That's when it all came together and the car made a almost perfect run and finally ran that 7 sec pass winning 1st round! I knew we were on borrowed time with this combo bc this motor was not built with parts to sustain ~1400whp. I almost decided to not make 2nd round and just continue to celebrate but the drive to win in me was too strong knowing we were going to have a great race with Garrett Mitchell. Old faithful had enough and I believe cracked a sleeve. I couldn't be happier of how the weekend turned out and now knowing we have competitive 7sec car!
Also none of this would be possible without my support system first being Rosie Lemus for putting up with me and understanding how much time and effort this takes. And last but not least Phillip Ellis for his involvement in the car!
Here's to a great 2021 season see y'all soon!
Here are some behind the scene Pictures !!

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