Tx2k21 From Brandon Hickson

Tx2k21 definitely was not a let down! With no Dynosaur cars racing this year I decided to make the trip down and support some other branches of the race car family, catch up with friends, finalize some Turbo2nrs product development and kick off 2021. I made the drive down early Wednesday and was hit by a random flash flood but luckily it was gone by race day. First few days I was adopted by the   English Racing family. It was a blast to hang out and finally get my hands on the AWD Gringo Integra. Myles had been keeping it a secret for the last few months and the car is top notch. While it didn't make any passes it is definitely going to hurt some feelings in 2021. After some issues we pulled the trans on Thursday and tried to give it a shot but luck just wasn't on our side. Thursday Aaron and the rest of the H22crew rolled in and found a nice parking spot back in the cow pasture. Crazy on day 2 how packed the track was. Definitely the biggest 2k I have seen in my 10+ years of going to the event and Peter put on an awesome show. Luckily someone left and we made the move to paved ground. Had the pleasure of meeting one of my new favorite customers Kevin Tweedy who pitted with us throughout the event and was a blast to hang with. I'm excited to see him push some products not only on the drag strip but on the street and around the road course in his amazingly clean Prelude. This is where the weekend gets blurry and the next few days became a whirlwind of busting ass to make shit happen from Friday to Sunday. First hit we qualified 6th in the stick class with an 8.12@182 with room to grow so this looked to be the 7sec weekend but thats when things took a turn..... next pass we lost a transmission and had to replace it before the next day, piece of cake! We had it knocked out in no time. Got some good rest and woke up. Jason (St00pid) showed up and finally brought be the hat I had been waiting on for I think about 10 years now, he also did some cool stuff on the laptop. The next round of qualifying didn't go as planned. On the line the car decided it had 1 to many rods and decided to part ways with number 3. As we made it back to the pits we contemplated the next steps, quit and enjoy the event as spectators or swap the motor. Aaron had another motor back in San Antonio 3hr away. One to never give up he made the call and had the motor on the way with a plan to get some data and just try and go rounds. Around midnight the motor showed up but we basically had to rebuild it in the pits. I got to show the guys how to replace some valves with a socket, extentions and a t shirt. I think Brian Spiker is still in shock it worked lmao. We got the car done and buttoned up around 4am and got some much needed sleep. Next day we found out round 1 was Aaron VS Myles in the EVOX. Out of the 32 people in the class they get paired up lol. As they both stage and the lights drop and Lopez is gone using every bit of that Jason Miller prep. The car left like it was on a mission and it was. Out the back door 181mph and then it flashes 7.798..... that was it. The 7 sec pass him and the h22 crew had been chasing and it happened, it all came together and happened. It was a celebration to say the least. After all the 🍾🥳 we moved to round 2 to race Garrett Mitchell ( Cleetus Mcfarland ) who had just ran a PB in the 1/8 so we know it was going be a good run. About 600ft out the old back up motor decided it had served its purpose and tapped out. Bitter sweet ending to amazing weekend. Good times, good food, good event and most of all good friends. Can't wait for next year.

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