Phillip on World Cup Finals 2021

 World Cup is always a special event that we try to make every year !! It is a long haul for us across this great country to one of the best drag facilities in the world. The weather is cold and sometimes unforgiving, but the low density altitude and amazing track prep is a drag racing dream.

 Our team continues to push the envelope on the H series platform and this event was no different. We were testing some parts and changes made to the car that we just didn't have quite ironed out yet going into this event. The car ran great and performed well, but was down on power from an unseen limitation to of the new parts we are trying out. We qualified and won first round with 7.99 et !! But our goal to improve on our best ever 7.79 et will have to wait until the next event ..........

 All of our team had a great time catching up with other teams and friends alike. Track conditions were amazing as always. The event is organized and a honor to compete in as always.  Even though we missed our goal, it was great to compete in another World Cup Finals !!